Saturday, March 18, 2017

We're training hard for the Biathlon!

After all of that swimming and running, they are absolutely exhausted!
Here we are cheering on our team mates!

We are curious learners

We are curious learners! 

Room 1 are learning how to use describing words in our writing to make it more interesting. 

We grabbed some magnifying glasses and went exploring to look for some wiggly worms. Did you know that 'wiggly' is a describing word. 

Unfortunately we didn't find any worms but we found so much more! 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What does Maths look like in Room 1?

Kritya know's that if she had five dinosaur eggs and one egg got eaten.
There would only be 4 dinosaur eggs left.  

We are learning how to take away from 5.

Bradley is working hard.


 Kowhai team have Discovery every Wednesday. Each class have 4-5 exciting activities based around an interesting topic. 

Pinithi is exploring some interesting things in Room 4.

Bradley is testing out his paper plane.

Room 1 were exploring ideas around outer space.  
Elise helping to build a space rocket.

Check out our space rocket. It even has a phone!